Program Assistant (Seasonal)

Involvement in total camp program with willingness to help in all areas as needed, including dining room, campfire programs, canteen, children with problems, health unit, night duty in turn, etc. as directed by the Program Director.
Promote the observance of the spiritual emphasis of the program and the moral and ethical code affecting campers and staff.
Attend and contribute to staff meetings.
Responsible for sharing with Program Director all matter of concern relating to the total welfare of the camp.
Responsible to observe set curfew.
Assist the Program Director as needed to keep camp running smoothly helping coordinate program(s) and other camp activities and plans.
Prepare, duplicate, and assemble program materials for all staff and campers
Prepare informational signs for all programs.
Conduct daily check of program area and equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair.
Assist in the planning, setting up, cleaning up, and implementation of the evening program.
Keep program office clean and organized.
Work in partnership with the Arts & Crafts Specialist to create and maintain camp bulletin board coinciding with the weekly theme.
Work in partnership with the Literacy Enrichment Specialist in transforming the dining hall to a literacy-enriched environment.
Organize, maintain and assist in the distribution of the Star Lake Bead & Tree Wookies Program.
Assume night duty as set by the Program Director on a rotating basis.
Assist in packing all materials and supplies, end-of-season inventory, storing, and keeping equipment when season ends.
Write an evaluative brief at the end of each session to include areas of concern for next camping session/season. Make recommendations for equipment, supplies, and program.
Offer assistance and support to all program areas as assigned.
Assist Program Director in planning and preparation for total -camp activities.
Assist with preparation of tabernacle and other buildings for opening and closing days, Sundays, and other special programs. Preparation includes cleaning, moving chairs, sweeping, moping and vacuuming.
Sit at camper overflow tables or monitor bathrooms in the dining hall as assigned on a rotating
Spend one night each session either sleeping out with cabin groups at the camp-out site or serving night duty for a cabin.
Assist with the registration and departure of campers.
Take part in evening programs as assigned by Program Director.
Arrive at least ten minutes early to scheduled activity periods, evening programs, evening
recreation, meetings, etc., to assist or lead in set-up or preparation of programs.
Attend and participate in weekly program staff meetings.
Serve as a rider as needed for children being sent home early.
Clean living area daily.
Work as a team player.
Committed to the development of campers spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally,
and socially.
Willing to work with all staff members regardless of their positions.
Maintain a high level of interaction with campers and staff.
Be a constructive member of the staff contributing in every way possible to the health, harmony,
and happiness of the Star Lake Camp family.
Pray that each camper comes to know Christ as Savior.
Attend weekly staff Bible studies. These take place one evening per session.
Attend Sunday morning staff worship.
Voice criticisms to the Camp Director first.
Be in accord with camp aims and policies, being loyal to camp at all times.
Assist where needed for the benefit of the campers and the smooth operation of the camp.
Respond positively to the direction of the Program Director when he/she makes schedule changes.
Ability to participate fully in the total camp program .
Ability to communicate and work with groups of various ages and skills levels, and provide
necessary instruction to campers and/or staff.
Physical ability to respond appropriately and quickly to situations requiring first aid.
Cognitive and communicative abilities to plan and conduct activities that achieve camper
development objectives.
Ability to identify and respond to hazards. Must be able to assist campers in emergency (fire,
evacuation, illness, or injury).
Respond immediately to assigned area in the event of a missing camper alarm
A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to share your faith with others
Previous camp experience, preferably at Star Lake.
Possess general office and computer skills including Microsoft Office
Ability to assist with various administrative tasks
Desire and ability to work with children outdoors
Self-motivated, responsible an independent worker, and organized
Ability to relate to one's peer group
Ability to accept guidance and supervision
Ability to teach skills to other staff members and campers of all ages
Good character, integrity, adaptability
Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control

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